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悉尼华语之声是Win Solutions旗下面向全球的中文网络广播电台。电台全天24小时滚动播出音乐、留学生咨询、名人访谈、有声小说等高品质节目。除此之外,悉尼华语之声是澳大利亚为数不多的集电台、网站、APP、微信为一体的教育传媒平台。我们由悉尼翻译学院SIIT独家赞助的主打栏目相约学院路还为留学生以及在海外工作及生活的华人提供翻译、雅思、英语及其它语言学习等独一无二的学术节目。凭借我们最专业的设备与人员、多年的新媒体经验与丰富的传媒及教育资源,悉尼华语之声立志成为澳大利亚华人生活中不可或缺的声音伴侣以及您值得信赖的宣传平台。



Sydney on Air is an online Chinese radio station affiliated with Win Solutions Group. Our radio station has 7-24 quality programs such as talk shows, interview programs, rolling music, fictions, etc. Sydney on Air is one of a few Chinese educational media platform with our own websites, APP, as well as Wechat subscription. Our flagship program Xiangyuexueyuanlu, proudly sponsored by Sydney Institute of interpreting and translation, also provides Chinese students and Chinese community in Australia with trainings in NAATI, IELTS, PTE, and other learning areas. We believe that with our quality programs, professional facilities and personnel, years of new media operating experience and rich media and educational resources, Sydney on Air aims to become the favourite radio station for Chinese community in Australia and your trusted media and advertising platform.



-          线上品牌推广 (多种形式)

-          线下活动策划与推广

-          企业形象宣传

-          新媒体运营与推广

-          广告策划等




-          专业主播与制作人员

-          节目流畅性强

-          听众参与性与互动性强

-          活动内容丰富

-          市场定位明确

-          听众定位清晰、收听人数稳定

-          品牌价值高





Online lecture “Xiangyuexueyuanlu” is a popular program that continues to provide the most professional academic lectures for numerous students. Our crew will explore NAATI translation skills through a range of passages and will impart translation knowledge and experience in a variety of aspects through our feature programs. We are looking forward to interacting with our audience more frequently and sincerely wish every student success in their studies.



Program schedule:


Live broadcast: 9-12 am, Thursday


Recorded broadcast: 9-12 am, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.



“Xiangyuexueyuanlu” program lasts for three hours. Star lecturer Jeff Huang from SIIT will be invited to analyse 3 passages in each program, and he will provide comprehensive instructions including online Q&A, interlocution and message explanations.



节目收听方式:How to listen to our program:


1、 手机微信关注SOA官方微信平台,收听节目

Through wechat platform by scanning the QR codes below:

2、  SOA官方网站http://www.sydneyonair.com.au


Through our website: http://www.sydneyonair.com.au